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Our MIssion

At Kore HVAC Service we are 100% committed to provide the best possible customer service and quality craftsmanship. 

How do we do this? 


- No hourly rats, you pay one fee for an inspection and you know what you pay before you pay, no surprises!


- Need a repair? Once we've found the problem we can quote you 1 flat fee to repair it. You will NOT pay a single cent more. Doesn't matter if it takes us longer than expected to repair. This is a guarantee! 

How do you know we are truly committed to the best possible customer service?

See our Free service below 

We give FREE second opinions! Learn how to get one here.

Are you scratching your head after a recent visit from a heating and air conditioning company in Sudbury? Call us for a complimentary second opinion consultations on your system and we'll answer any questions you have and help to better explain the state of your equipment. Two-eyes are better than one. Second opinions help homeowners have a better understanding of their equipment, their repair situation and prevents them from being mislead. If you've already had a license and certified heating or air condtioining contractor visit your home, but you're not happy with their assement, that's when you call us at 705-626-2056 for your complimentary second look.

Need a new heating or AC system? Get a FREE consulation.

Planning for a new heating, air conditioning, fireplace or water heating system is a lot of work. You probably have a lot of questions and don't feel like siting through a sales call. NO PROBLEM! We don't do sales calls, we do consultations from trained professionals who can answer in depth questions and give you practical guidance on options for your new system. HVAC salesmen try to dazzle you with fancy words, but lets face it, furnaces aren't fancy! they're practical. We can do a consultation as fast as 15-20 minutes or stay as long as you'd like us too - its up to you!

We have a FREE protection plan. Yes it is 100% FREE!

Most companies charge extra for protection plans IN ADDITION to your tune-up costs. Now you have another option for basic protection! If you get your equipment tune-up each year with Kore HVAC, we'll give you all the benefits of a service or protection plan FREE just for being our loyal customer. That's instant savings!

You can cancel membership at anytime *This free plan is available for all service zones. It does not include any free cleanings or service calls.