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HVAC Services - Sudbury

We are proud to be locally owned HVAC company in Sudbury. Kore HVAC Services is a full scale heating and cooling contractor in Sudbury, and we offer a wide range of HVAC Services. Though this post will focus on The Greater City of Sudbury, it is important to note that we also have clients on Manitoulin Island, in Blind River, Chapleau, West Nipissing, and more! If you're looking for professional HVAC Services outside of Sudbury - you can contact us here for more information.

HVAC Services offered in Sudbury. Heating services

Heating services

We install, repair, and service all makes and models of heating equipment. Whether your current heating system is outdated and you're looking for an upgrade, or you're building a new commercial or residential building we can provide you with a free estimate.

Our service call rates are competitive with other local HVAC companies in Sudbury. And we are proud to offer no extra fees for after hours calls.

  • Furnace installs, replacements & repairs

  • Boiler installs replacements & repairs

  • Gas fireplace installs, replacements & repairs

  • Heat Pump installs, replacements & repairs

  • Garage Heater (Unit Heater) installs, replacements & repairs

Air conditioning services

Repair, service or installations... we can help you with all of your air conditioning (A/C) needs. Whether you have or are considering central AC or a ductless wall unit - we can help guide you in the direction you need to be on in order to best accommodate your individual or family cooling needs. Our team of technicians can repair all makes and models of air conditioners, to book a service call or discuss our rates you can contact us here.

heating & Cooling maintenances

Do you value efficiency and potential utility savings? Is your family's comfort and safety a top priority? Contact us here to book your annual service. Ensuring that you upkeep your annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment has many benefits, including Prolong the life of your equipment, ensure equipment continues to operate efficiently, maintain your equipment warranty, and help avoid preventable and costly repairs, etc. Our team provides the following services:

  • Furnace and boiler maintenances

  • HRV and ERV maintenances

  • Hot Water Tank and Tankless Water Heater Maintenances

  • Gas Fireplace Maintenances

  • Air Conditioning Maintenances

  • Humidifier Maintenances

  • Heat Pump Maintenances

duct installation & repairs

Are you building a new home or commercial building and need duct work? Are you converting from electric baseboards to a high-efficient central heating system? We can help you get the best results for your heating systems.

Or do you have duct work in your home that you don't believe is heating the space as efficiently as it should? These are only some examples of ways we have helped other homeowners in Sudbury with duct installation and repair services. Our team includes licensed sheet metal journeymen and apprentices to be able to ensure that you get the most efficient system for your home.

For more information on our duct installation and repair services you can click here to contact our office.

air exchangers and indoor air quality

Dry air? Too much moisture? Want a healthier living space? This is what we do! We have solutions for your indoor air quality needs.

  • HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) Installs, Replacements & Repairs

  • ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) Installs, Replacements & Repairs

  • Humidifier & De-Humidifier Services

  • Air Filter Replacements, Recommendation and Sales

heat pump services

A heat pump will both heat and cool your home. It can be installed through ductwork or a wall-hung ductless unit for homes without. Heat pumps transfer energy between two location, which allows your heat pump to operate more efficiently, with typical efficiencies well over 100%! That means a potential in utility costs! If you're interested in adding a heat pump to your home, cottage, camp or rental properties you can contact us here and we will get you started on a free estimate.

Infloor/radiant heating systems

Infloor heating systems accommodate a variety of floor covering and is one of the best ways to heat an area. It can reduct energy costs by reducing heat loss, eliminates drafts and the circulation of dust & allergens, creates a quieter home, and provide ultimate comfort. If you're interesting in learning more about infloor radiant heating services you can click this link to contact us.

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