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Internal Training, Development & Partnerships

Kore HVAC Services offers a full range of HVAC Services to suit all of your heating and/or cooling needs. Our team of professionals has the experience to install or repair your HVAC equipment. Below you can read a brief summary of what puts us aside for other HVAC companies. And that is our commitment to continued internal training & development, and partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers that align with our vision of success.

Kore HVAC Services is a certified Navien Installer and Service Specialist in Sudbury

Navien Service Specialist - Navien is the leader in Condensing Tankless Technology and they have committed to working with their trade partners (Kore HVAC Services) to help improve their business and provide the highest quality customer support in the industry. By becoming trained Navien Service Specialists (NSS) we have committed to attend training and development in order to continue to learn and develop our team of HVAC technicians. By doing so, we are able to offer that same extraordinary customer service to each of you.

Kore HVAC Services is a registered Keeprite dealer in Sudbury

Keeprite Dealer - We are registered dealers of Keeprite heating and cooling equipment. When you choose Keeprite, you're choosing enhanced dependability and innovation in home comfort. Their products are designed to deliver the best in quality, energy efficiency, and reliability, and each unit is 100% run tested. They take pride (and so do we) in surpassing your expectations and delivering quality you can feel. Combined with their warranty options - you will not be sad choosing Keeprite.

Kore HVAC Services is HRAI Certified in HRV/ERV balancing in Sudbury

HRAI Certified

Our HRV/ERV installation and balancing fundamentals certified team is qualified to:

- Install and review the installation of residential ventilation systems that are designed by an HRAI certified designer (9.32 design) under Section 9.32 of the National Building Code and/or the applicable Provincial Building Code.

- Install and review the installation of residential ventilation systems that are designed by an HRAI certified designer following the CAN/CSA-F326 design parameters.

- Install, start-up and balance a HRV/ERV, and affix HRV/ERV balancing label after a HRV/ERV has been balanced.

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